We are passionate about creating artisan-crafted garments that truly reflect your personal style. Our process is personalized to fit your needs, taste and lifestyle.

Scroll down for a general breakdown of how our process can work for you.


When you are ready to explore the possibilities, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. Consultations are usually held in person but can also be scheduled over the phone.

Call 408.502.5252  or visit our contact page.


This is your opportunity to gather information about us, our process and our working style, and for us to learn more about you!

During this appointment, we want to discover all we can about you and your event in a relaxed and conversational atmosphere.  This is where our designer can start to get a feel for who you are, what your style is like and what questions you have about your couture experience.

Some of what we’ll cover in your consultation:

– Price range and budget

– Thoughts about your vision and preferences

– Body specifics: highlights and insecurities

– Event date and location

– Style and theme of event

We’ll ask you to share any Pinterest boards, images and thoughts you have about your dream dress.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot to share, or don’t know what you want or need; we know how to read between the lines and find all the inspiration we need.

You never have to worry that you will lead us down the wrong path.  If you like something that isn’t the best choice for you, we’ll guide you in the right direction.


After your consultation, your designer uses all that information and inspiration to design multiple options for you to choose from. One-of-a-kind sketches are created by hand, just for you! Your options are carefully designed with all your needs in mind.


This is the when you get to see the designs that have been created just for you!  During this appointment, you will meet with your designer to review sketches.  Your designer will explain to you why each concept works for you and will help you choose the perfect option for you. Just like every step along the way, you will have a voice and the opportunity to offer input or ask for variations.

This is also when we take your measurements and get your input about specific preferences like depth of your neckline, length of your train, etc.


Once you’ve made your choice, our meticulous construction process begins in our San Jose studio. We begin with a detailed staff meeting to review the specific details of your garment. Next, we create a custom pattern using your measurements and we prepare the garment for a first fitting. The process that follows is unique to the garment—some require multiple fittings while others require only one.

The most important thing to understand about this phase is that you will continue to be part of the process even after construction has begun.  You will be asked for feedback during fittings to ensure your complete satisfaction with each element, as well checking to make sure the fit feels as good as it looks.


Once your gown is complete, it will be delivered with a final fitting, and you will pay the remainder of your balance.


Three to four weeks before your event, you will want to try your dress on and let us know if it needs any last minute alterations. We want you to look and feel perfect!